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Reilly hedged second-best.

“A class act from start to finish” 

Living Tradition
Shortlisted for Album of the Year at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2017

New Album Bere - Out Now

Shortlisted for Album of the Year at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2017
Visit our Facebook page for information on upcoming gigs, and other salty stuff.

Buy Phentermine 30Mg Yellow, Buy Adipex Columbus Ohio

  • “Here is another reminder of the vitality and confidence in the current Scottish folk scene… what makes Douglas Montgomery and Brian Cromarty distinctive is the quality of their playing and singing, and the way they weave other influences into the Scottish mix.” (The Guardian)

    The Guardian
  • “The duo’s infectious and exhilarating rhythms are as fresh and exciting as ever. Superb stuff.” 

  • “The playing is exhilarating and accomplished”

  • “Huge fun and great when heard performed live”

  • “Whilst exciting, their music is also at times dramatic – enabling the gentler vocals of the slower songs to take on an almost lullaby-like quality… this is a great listen”

    Irish Times

Upcoming Events

For an insight into the creative process of the album, here’s a short film we made

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“Outstanding musicianship… their mix of traditional, contemporary and original tunes and songs, stirred together with Scottish, country, blues, Balkan and rockabilly influences, deliver a wealth of lyricism and finesse” 

The Scotsman

“A fresh and hugely exciting live act”

“A class act from start to finish” 

Living Tradition

“A brilliance and drive that makes them the envy of many a larger ensemble, coupled with a real sense of exuberance and joy in execution”