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Saltfishforty's third album, showcasing a growing maturity in the Orcadian duo's sound.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablets Online, Phentermine Canada Online

After a recording break of five years, Saltfishforty release their third album, Netherbow. The sound is darker and heavier than their earlier albums, yet maintains the same furious energy levels. Netherbow showcases a growing maturity in the Saltfish sound, and is a blend of traditional and original material from the duo’s native Orkney islands.

For more about Saltfishforty, visit

“The powerhouse fiddle and frets duo from Orkney has lost none of its edgy energy, imagination or expressive enjoyment – but, in this third album, garners a glowing polish. The eponymous, half a century old strathspey that kicks off the dozen songs and tunes has the ‘big’ fiddle sound of someone like Alasdair Fraser – but the boys’ rock and rolling background (Smoking Stone Band, The Chair) keeps the music raunchy, alive and youthful. The album is dense with musical empathy and skill and, for an outfit who really can do raucous, often surprisingly moving and sweet.”
**** Scotland on Sunday (Norman Chalmers)

“Netherbow is a lively album, brimming with Douglas’s sweeping fiddle and viola and Brian’s thrusting guitar and mandola. If you like your trad played with flair, passion and spirit then you can do no wrong with these two Orcadians.”
Folk Radio UK

“Netherbow is a well-engineered, generous and thoughtfully paced record that lovingly and infectiously extols the virtues of these two musicians.”